Parking Alicante Workshop Revision

We know from experience that most reviews of vehicles parked us later passed mainly by the lack of time or the inconvenience of having to do without a car.

Well it is for this very reason that we have created a section where we try to make life a little more simple life, we believe we are an alternative to consider for when you are traveling and your car parked with us, it is the ideal time for the maintenance of your car, we mean that you touch seniority or mileage or you want to ask.

We give some examples:

We took the car to the dealer brand appropriate, you will already have agreed the amount or else we informed us pay what we or you can do as you like.

Review official home Price
The cost of this service is from 30€*

If your vehicle is no longer required to wear the official home, you may have already entered a shop where you always carried the confidence for you.

Revision approved repairers Price
The cost of this service is from 30€*

For everything else you need your vehicle we offer our direct service, we will detail some of the work already done with some clients.

Malaga Parking Workshop Revisión Price
Oil Change from 40€
Change oil and filter from 78€
Change fuel filter from 35€
Purge refrigerant circuit from 90€
Fuel error from 125€

* Price may vary depending on mileage

Please ask for a quote and we will reply within 24h