Parking Alicante Workshop Paint

We offer our customers an extra service for repairs of your car body and paint. The workshops we work with are the same with those who work for our insurance companies, Maphre and Generali, the workshop network of these companies are best and work with quality products.

If you need this service you have two options, you have part of or otherwise does not. In both cases we indicate how to act in each case.


Perform all procedures with your company, ask the workshop data that we will arrange for repair and the same day that you park with us, we left the car in the shop to have it repaired. If all goes as planned on time and on return you pick the car repaired and clean.

In case you live in or near Malaga remember our offer for customers parking in question to receive a replacement car.

Courtesy Vehicle € 15 x day

If you need more car category, we have a great deal with a car rental company, which is accredited to all our customers applies a 10% discount on your rates.


In this case if you want you can send some pictures by mail and we could give you an estimate, if he accepts the budget is very important to us as quickly as possible to have your appointment right the day you leave your car. When we give the budget we also say if you give us time to have the car finished on his return, remember that if we have time you can use a car sub.

Malaga Parking Workshop Body and Paint Price
The normal price for painting a piece without excessive damage from 65€

Please ask for a quote and we will reply within 24h