ALICANTE VALET PARKING: The easy and low cost way for parking in Alicante

Parking at Alicante Airport is NOW Easy and Economical!

Important Airport Information

Due to the new traffic regulations imposed by AENA, all vehicles will be forced stop within the PARKING EXPRESS. Take a ticket and give it to us together with the car. We will be waiting for you in the end of the parking express, near the exit.


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Long Term Parking Alicante

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Secure and Affordable Low Cost Parking in Alicante: Hassle-free Travel Experience

At, we understand the importance of seamless travel arrangements. That's why we are proud to introduce our exceptional Low Cost parking service, tailored to meet your needs at the Alicante airport, RENFE AVE train station, and the bus station. With our dedication to excellence, we strive to make your journey stress-free from start to finish.

Convenience is key, and that's why we offer a unique service that sets us apart. When you embark on your trip, our professional team will collect your vehicle directly from the terminal. You can rest easy knowing that your car is in safe hands while you're away. Upon your return, we ensure that your vehicle is promptly delivered to you, allowing for a seamless transition back to your daily routine.

We take pride in offering the best prices in the area, without compromising on security. Our facilities boast 24-hour surveillance, ensuring that your vehicle is protected at all times. With our stringent safety measures and state-of-the-art technology, you can trust that your car is in a secure environment throughout your absence.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of our business. Our dedicated staff is trained to provide exceptional service, assisting you with any queries or concerns you may have. We aim to make your experience with us as smooth and comfortable as possible, leaving you with peace of mind as you embark on your travels.

Don't let parking woes overshadow your trip. Choose for a secure, hassle-free, and affordable Low Cost parking solution in Alicante. Trust us to take care of your vehicle while you focus on creating unforgettable memories. Contact us today and experience the difference for yourself.

Our parking service

Our parking rates and zones

We have 3 parking packages. Exterior parking, exterior covered parking and interior parking. All our parking zones are guarded 24h with video surveillance.

Parking zone 1, see rates
Our most affordable exterior parking.

Parking zone 2, see rates
Most popular affordable exterior covered parking.

Parking zone 3, see rates
Most secure interior parking.

Parking Alicante is...

CONVENIENT! Because you park your vehicle right at the terminal itself and pick it up at the same point upon return.

SAFE! Our parking security. Your vehicle will be protected at all times during delivery and within our facilities.

AFFORDABLE! Our parking is inexpensive. We can offer three types of parking packages. Each meets the needs of each client in relation to the service of parking needed and pricing.

EASY! Our parking is service friendly. Meet and greet our uniformed representative. For more information, How to Park, or just give us a call.

More than just a parking

Our workshop services

Take the opportunity while your car is sitting in the parking lot. Use our workshop services to fix those things, you never have time to do while using your vehicle.

Get your vehicle MOT ready!
We can get your car ready to pass the MOT. Why not do it while you are away?

Get in contact with our workshop if you cannot find the service you are looking for.

Parking Alicante Workshop




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