Parking Alicante Workshop Air

We only think of the air conditioning when it's hot when we use at most, but we recommend to check it in the wintertime when it is not used as much. We also recommend to change it while having the car parked with us.

Alicante Parking Workshop Aircon Price
Simple refill from 35€
Refill with leak check from 50€

The leak detector check can save you time and money, because if the fault is detected quickly you will save in labor costs and damaged parts.Our recommendation is to do the refill with leak check.

If you need repair, need to budget as air conditioning faults are many and diverse, it can be anything small or the entire compressor. The more we face breakdown was repaired and a new compressor, the customer does not pay more than 240 € all included.

Please ask for a quote and we will reply within 24h