Long Term Parking Alicante: Easy, convenient and cheap long term parking in Alicante.

LONG TERM PARKING ALICANTE Airport, Train Station, Bus Station

If you know you will be using parking for over 183 days, we would recommend to book a long term deal!
If not have a look at our Short Term Deals.

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Information about Zone 1:
  • Perimeter fence with alarm and surveillance.
  • Our service includes pick up and drop off at the departure terminal.
  • Exterior cleaning.
  • Revision of tirepressure.
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Long Term Parking Offers

Are you a frequent traveler to and from Alicante Airport, Train Station or Bus Station? Then this offer is something for you. Most our customers that often spend much time commuting, traveling back and forth.

These offers also includes different number of times you can park, drop-off and pick-up your car at the Alicante Airport, Train Station or Bus Station, depending on the duration of the deal. For more info contact our office.

PRICE LONG TERM PARKING Airport, Train Station or Bus Station ALICANTE

Zone 1
Location Days Price
Parking Alicante Airport183280.00 €
Parking Alicante Airport365455.00 €
Parking Alicante Bus Station183387.00 €
Parking Alicante Bus Station365480.00 €
Parking Alicante Train station183388.00 €
Parking Alicante Train station365480.00 €
Zone 2
Location Days Price
Parking Alicante Airport183340.00 €
Parking Alicante Airport365530.00 €
Parking Alicante Bus Station183427.00 €
Parking Alicante Bus Station365520.00 €
Parking Alicante Train station183408.00 €
Parking Alicante Train station365520.00 €
Zone 3
Location Days Price
Parking Alicante Airport183395.00 €
Parking Alicante Airport365620.00 €
Parking Alicante Bus Station183487.00 €
Parking Alicante Bus Station365605.00 €
Parking Alicante Train station183470.00 €
Parking Alicante Train station365605.00 €