About Parking Alicante

Parking Service in Alicante

For over a decade we have been transforming the traditional parking service to the use both at the airport, train or bus station in Alicante.

While our competition thought this service had no future because customers were not going to trust this type of business, Parking-Alicante has continued year after year adding addicts to a comfortable, economical and different car parking system when you have to make a trip and do not want to spend a fortune in the very expensive cap parks that Aena and Adif have offer, together with SABA. They take advantage of their situation to charge prices which, rather than encouraging the client to travel and park more often, make it absurdly expensive for each person who uses each of the modes of transport they offer.

For this reason, Parking Alicante offers a valet parking service that greets and returns the cars with total guarantee as when you go to a good restaurant. We offer this service with the guard, custody and cleaning of your car, this way the customer is not only satisfied with the price it has paid but also because it is left with the clean car. Unlike the competition that previously criticized and underestimated us, we have proven that not only our service is better but that customers with their trust have put us in the first place of this type of parking service.

We work very hard every day so that our customers perceive the best service and every year we try to improve. This year we have expanded with an extensive range of workshop possibilities because we know that for our customers it is the best opportunity to do to the car all those things that they usually can't because of lack of time or not being able to do without the car. Let us know whatever comes to mind that might be affecting your car and we can surely help you out.

It is important that our customers know that Parking Alicante must notify the night before the service what customers are being assisted at the departure terminals of either Alicante Airport, Alicante Ave Train Station or the Bus Station. If a customer notifies us the same day, when picking up the car will have to pay € 5 more since we pay a penalty for each customer off the list.

Our uniform is not random either, the lime green color is for customers to identify us immediately along with our blue cap in which we have the same embroidered red 1 as on the back of our green polo. All company logos are embroidered, we do this as a safety measure and our uniform is authorized. The contracts are digital, never filled by hand.

And finally our human value, the staff that provides our service has to pass some tests before being hired, criminal record, driving tests of all types of vehicles whether they are sports cars or sedans, automatic or manual. It is very important that our staff knows how each brand and model works because the customer has to trust the person who is going to take care of his vehicle.